Valencia Indie Awards '19

Regulations of the contest

  1. The deadline for video game registration is the 1st of February.
  2. The videogame can be at any stage of development (alpha, beta, demo, final version) but must have at least one executable compilation for Windows, Mac, link to AppStore or Google Play (preferably computer versions).
  3. The title must have been developed during 2018-19 and after February 16, 2018, regardless of whether it has already been published or not.
  4. Winners of previous editions of the Valencia Indie Summit will be excluded.
  5. There is no budget limit in the development/enterprise, nor number of members/workers.
  6. Only one representative per team will be necessary.
  7. The theme of the projects presented will be free but may not contain content considered defamatory, sexist, racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, illegal or in any way violate the rights of others.
  8. The participants in this contest accept that the organization has the right to use the images of the submitted project and their names, the use will be made exclusively for advertising purposes and promotion of the event and each project for at least five years.
  9. The participants will have to deliver a pack of screenshots of the project title and another link to the compilations, in two separate .zip files.
  10. The organization reserves the right to alter the rules in advance, failure to comply with them may lead to disqualification of participants.
  11. Participation implies acceptance of all the rules and conditions of the contest.
  12. Summit in LasNaves by the participants themselves -in their own equipment- in a permanent exhibition during the days 7-8 of March, the prize-giving will take place on the 9th.



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