Networking in Valencia Indie Summit 2019

The organization of the event in collaboration with IVACE International will facilitate meetings with the following publishers. Our staff will manage the meetings so that they take place without hindering the course of the event.

11bit Studios

«It all started in 2009, when a bunch of veterans of polish gaming industry joined their forces and founded 11 bit studios. They gathered few talented people and got to work. They have hits like Anomaly Warzone Earth, Anomaly 2, This War of Mine, or the recent Frost Punk.»

«Teaming up with Digital Sun Games ended up in bringing Moonlighter to PCs and consoles, and both Frostpunk and Moonlighter reached the #1 top-selling spot on Steam. Working with the devs of Moonlighter not only was a pleasent experience, but has prooved that our publishing program that allows developers from all around the world to release their indie games with our help, is functioning really well. We’re on our way of delivering better and better games to the world!»

505 Games

«The first thing to know about 505 Games is that we’re not like other games publishers, we like to think that we are very different from what you likely perceive a games publisher to be. We’re small…. we’re less than 100 people across our company and we like it that way. Anyone who wears a suit in the office is eyed suspiciously! Most of us are gamers….yes, shock horror, a games publisher where people actually play games…..I know it’s a strange concept, but it’s true, we do actually play games here at 505.»

«We love what we do (most of the time) and our people are passionate about their work and care about our games. Some days we get things right, some days we get things wrong, the great thing is that we get almost instant feedback from you guys about our decisions, especially when we get it wrong and we’re OK with that. We’re also extremely proud when we help create games that you guys love, it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside and makes us feel special. We LOVE innovation»

Badland Publishing

«Badland Publishing embody the firm belief in the need to support international talent in the fields of videogame development. The essence of this branch is to facilitate the materialization of competitive projects envisioned by independent international developers. On one hand by providing them the work space and all the technical equipment necessary for development, but also by offering them a commercial and marketing cannon via the company’s proven expertise in the field of the distribution of videogames.»

«The exponential growth of the company has led many European Indie studios to rely on BadLand Publishing due to the distribution among all that users hoping to get their hands on their favourite titles.»

CI Games & United Label Games

«United Label is uniting innovative game creators from all around the globe. We strive to make any developer who joins United Label an integral part of the collective, fostering day-to-day support and growth. We want to create trustful long term relationships with high rewarding returns.»

«This all begins with four talented studios: Fallen Flag Studios, Lunaris Iris, Odd Bug Studios, and Polygon Treehouse. Our objective is to work with both highly experienced team and passionate upstarts, offering them a publishing structure for success.»

Hidden Trap

«Hidden Trap is an indie game publisher, focused in helping indie developers to reach new horizons. Always in search for good games to launch in console platforms. The company can take care of all the process, from porting to the new platform to QA/Testing and publishing.»

Merge Games

«Privately owned by Australian, Luke Keighran and his wife, Joanne, Merge has experienced year-on-year growth with this year being our most exciting yet. The team at Merge comprises a mixture of experienced industry veterans and enthusiastic youth - the combination makes for a strong and agile group of people all dedicated to the business of publishing indie games.»

«At Merge we publish games that we think are freaking amazing, games that we would love to play ourselves, games we want to enjoy with our best friends, games that we’ll remember playing long after we’ve put a controller down.»

Plug In Digital / Playdius

«Playdius is the publishing branch of Plug In Digital. Since 2015 we provide talented indie video games studios with an extended support to help them achieve higher goals with their games. »

«We are patiently building a strong line up on PC, Consoles and Mobile with games from all over the world. Our ambition is to bring to the players the very best of the incredible indie production, with creative and different games that match with our mojo: “Play Outside the Box”.»

Texyon Games

« In Texyon Games, we offer a new business model to publish videogames that combines game publication and payment platforms with technical infrastructure with no cost to developers. We work in a commerce model that aims to maximize the benefits of both: creator and gamer. The loyalty is in both directions and it is based on knowledge, relationships, trust and mutual transparency between customers and commerce.»

« We believe in every project that we publish. We do not understand any other business way than the win-win model. We make your game bigger allowing you more inversion to develop more contents without worries about sales in the countries that we publish games. »

The Arcade Crew

«The Arcade Crew is dedicated to produce and publish awesome indie games with a retro feel from small creative teams. The Crew will benefit from Dotemu resources and experience in game development and marketing. Based on several years in the videogame industry, The Crew is thrilled to discover and support new talents and create a real community around classic inspired titles. »

«Created in 2018 but born in the 80s, The Arcade Crew starts its journey with Blazing Chrome, a classic run’n’gun fully loaded with action and exciting fights and developed by Brazilian indie studio JoyMasher.»

Thunderful Games

«Thunderful AB was founded in December 2017 as a parent company to Gothenburg, Sweden-based game development studios Image & Form International AB and Zoink AB, two of the most successful studios in the Swedish gaming industry. The merger positions Thunderful as a veritable videogaming powerhouse on all platforms. The company can now act more forcefully and bring something very attractive to the market. The Thunderful family consists of four sister-companies wholly owned by Thunderful AB: Image & Form International AB, Zoink AB, Thunderful Publishing AB, and Rising Star Games Inc.»

Zerouno Games

«Zerouno Games' team is focussed in gaming industry, with special focus on marketing, communication and business knowledge trying to push games of all sizes into success. Zerouno Games is an official partner of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Microsoft Windows 10.»



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